About Security and Intelligence Agency

The Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA) is the central state body of the Republic of Croatia, responsible for gathering, analyzing, processing and evaluating data which is significant for national security, and has the goal of detecting and preventing the activities of individuals or groups, which are directed against the integrity, independence, indivisibility and sovereignty of the Republic of Croatia, which aim to forcefully destroy the organization of state government and endanger the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, legally specified human rights and basic freedoms and the fundamental economic system of the Republic of Croatia.

SOA performs the functions from its scope of work and tasks imposed by its role in the national security system primarily on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia and the Security and Intelligence System Act, but also based on others laws and subordinate regulations which in any manner concern the national security.

In addition, activities of SOA are directed by requests submitted by the users of the results produced by the Agency, which are defined by the Constitution and laws and which are mainly expressed in the National Security Strategy and Defense Strategy adopted by the Croatian Parliament as the supreme representative body and in the Annual Guidelines for the Work of Security and Intelligence Agencies that represent the result of cooperation between the President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, through the National Security Council.

SOA operates from its Agency Headquarters in Zagreb, and from 10 regional centres.

The Director of SOA is appointed with the consent of the President of the Republic of Croatia and the Prime Minister.

The Director of SOA is Daniel Markić